An agreement between the Agadir group and taxi professionals to activate the temporary transfer of the station (video) – Today 24

Professional representations of taxi drivers of both classes in the city of Agadir went, this Friday, to inspect the availability of the temporary road station, which is expected to receive taxis starting next week, after a series of delays, due to the refusal of professionals move to it due to their lack of preparation to receive drivers and clients alike.

At the meeting, a consensus was reached between the taxi unionists and Abdullah Bolgamayr, vice president of the Agadir group, where they all agreed to move forward in streamlining the process of temporary transfer of the station to speed up the start of work on the original station, in which the conditioning work reached its first stages, after the company in charge placed its barriers to determine the workshops that were waiting to empty it of the taxis.

Polgmayer said that the demands expressed by the professionals are not impossible, but they are related to the aspect of financing that the group will provide, ensuring the adequate management of its budget for what is foreseen in the work program.

The same rapporteur undertook to reinforce public lighting in the center of the station, after providing sanitary facilities for professionals, pending the authorization of a special headquarters for the maintenance of security and installation of its signaling panels, while representatives of the unions expressed their intention to collaborate in order to speed up the transfer process to the temporary road station, which is located next to the Al-Idrisi secondary school, to facilitate the preparation process of the Salam Station , which will include a hub for Amal buses, and a high-quality taxi station, on a 1.2-hectare site.