Biden congratulates the king and praises the development of relations between the United States and Morocco and the “shared history”

King Mohammed VI received a congratulatory cable from US President Joseph Robinette Biden, on the occasion of the Glorious Day of the Throne.

In this cable, Biden, on behalf of the United States and the American people, expressed his congratulations to the King on the 23rd anniversary of His Majesty’s accession to the throne of his blessed ancestors.

He stressed that the exceptional relations between Morocco and the United States are developing steadily, thanks to the solid foundations of our “common history.”

The US president added that this year was marked by “the celebration of the sixteenth anniversary of the entry into force of our free trade agreement, the holding of the ministerial meeting of the anti-ISIS coalition and the United States-Africa Business Summit.”

He noted that these events represent just one of many facets of efforts “displaced during his reign, embodying our common commitment to the stability and prosperity of the region.”

Biden expressed the United States’ desire to continue working together with Morocco to build closer ties between the peoples of the two countries.