Damage to the Sebou station after the water cut in Meknes and Fez (Official statement) – Today 24

Yesterday, Friday, the repair of the pumping motors at the Sebou station caused a water deficit of 1,600 liters per second in the production of drinking water in the cities of Fez and Meknes.

The aforementioned deficit was due to “the suspension of the production of water from the Sebo hydro complex”, as revealed by the Central North Regional Directorate of the National Office of Electricity and Potable Water.

In a statement issued by the same management, the aforementioned defect “is part of the periodic and necessary maintenance of the pumping facilities of the Sebou Station.”

And, according to the same source, “all the necessary measures have been taken to repair the damage as soon as possible, and work is being done for the gradual and complete restart of these facilities.”

The aforementioned directorate “is coordinating with the water and electricity distribution agencies of the cities of Fez and Meknes to manage this exceptional scenario based on underground resources and mitigate the impact on distribution in the two cities”, according to the same release.