Donia Batma and Muhammad Al-Turk raise doubts – today 24

Moroccan artist Donia Batma and her husband, Mohammed Al-Turk, continue to pass messages to each other through the “Al-Asturi” feature on “Instagram,” suggesting that the couple fell into a problem or disagreement.

Donia and her husband, Muhammad, have raised questions about their posts since Thursday, July 28, 2022, which some have described as strange, as they speak of betrayal, pain and difficult times, while Al-Turk published a phrase that baffled everyone: “ The last episode.

And in Donia’s “Story”, the phrase “Time is hard and the world is treacherous”, and she wrote after that: “If it weren’t for the difficult times we are going through, we would have thought that everyone around us I had a bond.”

Producer Muhammad Al-Turk wrote: “I don’t regret anything I did in my life. There are things I did out of fear of the person I love, things I did out of love, and things I did without thinking, but when I get to point that everything you did is just a mirage in the eyes of the closest people, here you must stand up and think carefully.”

After the news of the separation increased, Muhammad Al-Turk published a video clip through his personal account on the photo-sharing application “Instagram”, in which he indirectly responded to this news, since he published a clip of a party for Donia Batman. , in which he appeared while holding her hand and commented on the video with the words, “I promised I wouldn’t let go of your hand. Start.”