Morocco has every chance of success and there is no room for excuses – today 24

Belgian Chris Van Buoyveld, the new technical director of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation, confirmed that Morocco has every chance of success, including the infrastructure that is considered to be at the level; Therefore, there is no room for excuses and he will not make them at all, indicating that he is happy to be in Morocco, and that a balance must be found, which is his passion for football.

And Van Pouveld added, during his presentation as the new technical director, that the work will be done by everyone and for that you have to monitor everything at the beginning, and then come the other stages, explaining that when he sees everything that happens here “Morocco” , knows that there are many people who are passionate about football. .

And the same spokesman continued, who knows that Morocco wants to be the first country in Africa, and that can be achieved, explaining that when he was in Belgium, his dream was to be the first team in FIFA, and they achieved it, saying: “Give me a reason that prevents us from doing this in Morocco”. “.

Boyfield concluded his remarks by referring to the importance of training within national clubs, emphasizing that it is the basic rule, and explaining that in the first team there are 21 players who play outside the country, and 9 players who received their training here. in Morocco. Hence the conclusion that training in national teams should be the philosophy.

Van Buyveld previously held the position of assistant coach, within clubs Lokeren, Club Brugge, Olympiacos from Greece, then Belgian Gent and Dutch side Heerenveen, before having his only head coaching experience with Belgian club FC Brussels, between July 2010 and January 2011.

Van Boeveld worked as technical director of the Belgian Football Association between 2015 and 2018, then moved to China to take up the same position with a four-year professional contract, to be appointed technical director of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation. .