Assaulting a secret factory and confiscating 2 tons of drugs Al-Mahaya and Al-Shira, on the outskirts of Asfi – Hoy 24

The interests of the Boukdra Tuesday Royal Gendarmerie in the Safi region, during the early hours of yesterday Saturday, seized about 2 tons of “Al-Hayat” (Al-Maha) water intoxicant and equipment prepared for its manufacture, and a large quantity of chira, in a secret factory on the outskirts of Asfi.
This seizure came after the royal gendarmerie raided the secret laboratory in the center of Two “Kahil”, near the rural community of Khamis Naka, (40 km south of Safi), which is engaged in the manufacture and distillation of water of life.
Investigations are still continuing to find out the circumstances and circumstances of the establishment of this factory dedicated to the production and promotion of contraband within the Safi region.