Menna Arafa was divorced 3 times in a year – today 24

Egyptian actress Menna Arafa has separated for the third time from her husband, Mahmoud Al-Mahdi, after a year of marriage.

Menna announced the news of their divorce the day before yesterday, Friday, on her official page on the Instagram photo and video sharing site, where she wrote, “The divorce is officially finalized and God help us all.”

Freed Menna broke his silence after news of their divorce made headlines in Arab newspapers and magazines, accusing his mother of taking money from him and seizing his car.

Mahmoud al-Mahdi added that he had been betrayed and cheated on by his ex-wife from the beginning of the relationship, which led them to divorce and return three times in short times.

It is noteworthy that Menna Arafa announced in June last year the news of her official marriage to the artist Mahmoud Al-Mahdi, but they soon separated immediately after the marriage contract, to return and separate for the second time in March this year.