The price of the “carob” rises sharply, and Morocco aspires to plant 100,000 hectares of it – today 24

The price of carob in the northern markets, specifically in the Taounate markets, has risen from mid-July and early August to 40/50 dirhams per kilogram, almost 5,000 dirhams per quintal.

Activists from Taounate, which is one of the carob-producing regions, warned that the price per kilogram exceeds what is known in the region’s markets, since its commercialization at the national level reveals the “manipulation” of the local market, while the real price can reach 90 dirhams per kilogram.

A report broadcast by the Al-Jazeera channel in Qatar revealed that the carob tree lives for centuries, and its production can reach a ton per tree, since the fruits begin to be harvested years after planting, and the more years it ages, the greater your performance.

The report indicates that Morocco is one of the main world exporters of carob, and aspires to expand the cultivated area to reach 100,000 hectares, especially since its high market price encouraged farmers to cultivate it, since it went from one dollar at 8 dollars in the local market, and the most expensive carob beans, the most valuable for their multiple benefits.

The recovery of the carob market in the north, during the current period, ensures a significant economic boom for farmers in the area, and the appreciation of the local product, Falah confirms to “Al-Youm 24”, is reflected in agriculture area, because farmers agree to plant trees whose yields are demanded in the markets, which is reflected in the marketing price, similar to the product slide and olives.