Forest fires cause the explosion of bombs from the First and Second World Wars

Forest fires in Slovenia have caused 100-year-old bombs to explode since the First and Second World Wars.

The Defense Minister of this European country, Marjan Charek, says that due to these bombs, fire crews cannot penetrate towards the fire, and can only work on its edges.

The aforementioned European country, which is located between Croatia, Italy and Austria, is where nearly 1,000 firefighters and several military units are trying to control the fires that to date have covered 5,000 hectares.

Slovenia is facing a problem that makes it difficult to extinguish the fire, and it is related to unexploded ordnance in the aforementioned war.

A bomb had gone off while firefighters were trying to put out the fires and shrapnel flew towards them, but luckily none of them were injured.

This incident is one of many incidents where bombs exploded from these fires, so officials in “Slovenia” grew tired of the sheer number of these explosions, and began putting up signs in those areas that They explode near the roads.

Slovenian officials attributed the reason for their “failure” in not being able to contain those fires to the large number of bombs dropped on Europe.

It should be noted that the British and American air forces dropped 2.7 million bombs on Europe during World War II.