The Constitutional Court annuls the seats of 16 parliamentarians in the result of its decisions on the resources of the September elections

The Constitutional Court declared that it had canceled the election of 16 members of the House of Representatives and corrected the result of the vote in a local electoral district, referring to the district of Guelmim, in which Abdel Rahim Bouaida of the Istiqlal Party was announced as winning. a parliamentary seat instead of the Liberal candidate.

The Constitutional Court, in a statement issued today Monday, announced that it will resolve, within the constitutional term, all the resources related to the election of members of the House of Representatives through the draw of September 8, 2021.
According to the same report, the aforementioned court declared 27 appeals inadmissible and rejected 28 requests for annulment.
The electoral district of Alhucemas was one of the most prominent that generated controversy after the Constitutional Court canceled it on May 18 and re-elected it on Thursday, July 21, in which Noureddine Madian of the Istiqlal Party, Boutaher Al-Butahri of the Agrupación Nacional de Independientes and Mohamed Hamouti of the Authenticity and Modernity Party regained their seats while Mohamed Al-Araj of the Popular Movement Party failed to regain his seat, which was won by Abdelhak Amghar, the candidate of the Socialist Union of Popular Forces.

It should be noted that the Constitutional Court began to receive electoral resources for the thirty days following the date of the announcement of said electoral results.
The same court received 62 appeals against 41 local constituencies and 3 regional constituencies, and the number of deputies contested in their election was 68.
The total number of appeals decreased compared to the number of appeals received by the Constitutional Council in connection with the elections of October 7, 2016, which amounted to 136 appeals.