The Maghreb Future Forum welcomes the King’s call to establish a normal relationship with Algeria – Today 24

The Forum for the Future of Morocco – Coming and Able Movement confirmed that King Mohammed VI’s speech on the occasion of Throne Day was interested in highlighting a strong tendency to face the reality of transformations, changes and challenges that the country and the rest of the world are going through, to build the Morocco of the future, the Morocco of progress and dignity on the basis of fairness and equality and solidarity.

The forum added, in a statement, that this year’s speech from the throne had a strong vision for the future, be it with regard to Her Majesty’s call to modify the Family Code and update its provisions, in order to guarantee the effectiveness of the rights of women, equity, parity and full equality, or in matters of social and spatial justice, to reduce class differences, mitigating the effects of the economic crisis, combating corruption, rent and speculation, supporting vulnerable groups in this difficult circumstance that the country is going through, consolidating social protection rules, accelerating the release of the single social card as the primary mechanism for granting support, ensuring its effectiveness, and calling for reform of the health sector, and the continuation of the purchasing power support policy, by strengthening the purging of funds, improving income, and paying attention to the most needy and the diverse segments of society, to relieve them of the effects and repercussions of the various economic, social and environmental crises.

The forum valued the King’s call to establish normal relations with neighboring Algeria, and the will to normalize broken diplomatic relations with it.