The Ministry of the Interior begins the implementation of the procedure to hold associations responsible for public support – today 24

The Minister of the Interior, Abdel-Wafi Laftit, recently sent a memorandum to governors and workers, asking them to circulate the Prime Minister’s circular on the determination of the modalities of presentation of the annual account for the use of public funds and the aid received by the associations.

The companies that benefit from public support, the same memorandum highlighted the need to submit annual accounts for their use of public support, and submit them to the Superior Council of Accounts before March 15 of the year following the support.

The widest dissemination of the circular, while working on the implementation of its requirements, corresponds according to the aforementioned memorandum, “in order to ensure the transparency and efficiency of the management system of public support operations for associations of the civil society”.

Donors, identified in the publication mentioned in “The State and the territorial collectivities or public institutions or companies in whose capital the State or the territorial collectivities and public institutions contribute in whole or in part”.

It should be noted that the Superior Council of Accounts, in previous reports, highlighted the need to develop mechanisms to monitor the funds and public aid received by the associations from the aforementioned authorities.