Urgent… The Independence Party decides to postpone its national congress after controversy over reforms to the statute

Today, Monday, the Istiqlal Party announced its decision to postpone the party’s national conference, which was scheduled to decide on amendments to internal laws, which had previously sparked controversy within the party.

The party said in a statement issued today by its executive committee, that the latter discussed, at its last meeting headed by General Secretary Nizar Baraka, the subject of the party’s extraordinary conference, which was scheduled for August 6, 2022. to review some articles of the party statute, where it was decided to postpone the conference “in order to review some of the requirements The Party Statutes for a later date, in order to continue with the preparations related to material, logistics and moral preparations for the conference, as well as to accommodate the maturation of the subjective and objective conditions and the good atmosphere for the realization of this organizational station”.

The statement also confirmed that the Executive Committee will continue to discuss all the amendments that generated discussions within the House of Independence with the aim of reaching a complete consensus around them and seeking to unify points of view on them, reviewing them, improving them and improving their formulation. to arrive at reform projects that enjoy the approval of all, provided that the date of this regulatory right is set Immediately after the consensual formulation of said reforms is completed.

During the meeting, Nizar Baraka highlighted “the management of the next phase within the framework of the virtue of consensus” and “the commitment of the party leadership in the spirit of unity and harmony.”

The draft amendments that the Executive Committee concluded in a meeting called “organizational seclusion” caused a crisis within the party, and these amendments would have canceled the membership of parliamentarians in the National Assembly in their capacity, while reducing the members of the Central Committee and other amendments supported by the strong current of Ould Errachid in the party, while parliamentarians and supporters of Secretary General Nizar Baraka are opposed.