Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan sounds the drums of a Sino-US war

Taiwan witnessed this Tuesday the organization of protest demonstrations led by pro-China activists against the visit of the president of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, who arrived on the island tonight despite Chinese warnings.

Protesters carried banners reading “One China” and “America, hands off Taiwan,” and chanted “China is not Taiwan’s enemy.”

Prior to Pelosi’s arrival, according to Taiwanese media, “the air defense system at the Taipei airport was activated,” and the Japanese broadcaster announced that “8 US fighters took off from the island of Okinawa, east of Taiwan.” .

After threatening that its military would not sit idly by during this visit, China “closed the airspace of civil aircraft in the Taiwan Strait”, continuing its threat that “aircraft that violate the no-fly zone in Taiwan’s airspace can be shot down. “

At a time when Chinese media reported that “Chinese Su-35 fighters crossed the Taiwan Strait,” Taiwanese media denied the mentioned crossing, citing Taiwan officials’ welcome to Pelosi’s visit.

In her first statement from Taiwan, Pelosi pledged Washington’s support for Taipei, saying, “Our discussions with Taiwan officials will include American support for them,” adding, “Our support for the people of Taiwan is greater than ever.”