Simon Dorient’s new summer fashion… Photos – Today 24

The Moroccan international designer Simon Dorient returns with his new collection to the world of fashion and elegance, especially for summer and the beach, under the slogan “Life and Freedom”, after two years of hiatus due to the Corona virus.
Simon Dorient chose in his new “Summer and Beachwear” collection to dedicate himself to a specific category, characterized by modernity, cheerful colors, festive clothing, at the same time practical and comfortable without compromising elegance and creativity.
Designer Simon Dorient has preserved the Moroccan spirit that is always present in all his brands, and it shows in the details and embroidery that characterize his designs.

The new Simon Dorient collection is prepared for men and women, characterized by differences, some dedicated to spending good summer times on the beach, and others dedicated to enjoying the summer weather in the alleys and coastal cities, as well as in restaurants, as well as celebrate in private clubs or swimming pools.
The Simon Dorient collections combine Moroccan authenticity with oriental elegance, born from the secrets of the masters of the art of traditional sewing, an unmistakable modernity that strips away the finest cuts and the most global trends, as well as the colors , the precision of the handcrafted embroidery, the careful selection of stones, ornaments and other accessories. A rare builder of the Simon Dorient brand.

Simon Dorient has wanted to cater to all tastes by giving life to the brand through collections that allow traveling through cultures and presenting the diversity of Moroccan cultural heritage, as well as the experience of artisans in portability and exportable formats.
The first “Oriental Mystery” collection was a success for both men and women, breaking stereotypes about clothing and emphasizing a strong and different personality.

Designer Simon Dorient was able to attract a large number of personalities and celebrities with his designs who found a way to shed light on their public appearance, such as Cheb Khaled, Abdel Fattah Greni and Saad Ramadan.
The designer Simon Dorient aspires to export and promote his brand in the most famous fashion places: in Europe, the United States, the Middle East and other countries, and that his brand be a title of modern Moroccan luxury”.