The German Chamber of Commerce withdraws from organizing the Al-Bayda Beer Tasting Festival and withholds its ticket sales

Due to the protests and hypothetical criticisms directed at her, she was forced to Chamber of Commerce The German company has withdrawn its advertisement from its official website, through which it had announced its intention to organize the first edition of the Beer Tasting Festival in Al-Bayda next October, in the absence of official data.

In the absence of official confirmation revealing the circumstances of the possible prevention of the (beer) party, sources inside the community of Bouskoura, whose land would witness the organization of this German activity, denied any connection with the party (of beer), highlighting their direct responsibility in the organization of any activity, and the validity of what circulates by default also on social media platforms.

In addition, the “Forum for the Promotion of Identity” launched an electronic petition a few days ago, denouncing the organization of the aforementioned festival, immediately after the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Morocco announced, on July 19, its intention to organize the first edition. of the beer tasting festival in the Bouskoura region of Al-Bayda.