The presence of the prime minister in the digital world decreased by 15% in just two months (report) – Hoy 24

A recent report by the “Digital Public Opinion Observatory” revealed that the digital footprint of the Prime Minister decreased by 15 percent and that of the government by 10 percent compared to the first quarter of this year.

The report, which covers the period between last April and June and monitors the decrease and increase of the digital footprint of the most prominent ministries, also revealed that the digital presence of the Ministry of Health decreased by 24 percent, to despite the fact that it has the support of digital publications on Covid 19.

According to the same report, three ministries have advanced in digital presence, namely: the Ministry of Equipment and Water by 200%, the Ministry of the Interior by 66% and the Ministry of Industry and Commerce by 72%.

According to the same report, the social network Facebook and its electronic newspaper accounts constitute the majority of means of influencing public opinion.

The digital footprint is a quantitative measure of the presence of a certain “body” in all social networks, blogs, forums, digital press and websites, since it is calculated by the number of people covered by publications related to it.

This measure is based on comparing the digital footprints of various government agencies while calculating developments.