Women’s support organizations express their gratitude to the King and what was stated in the Speech from the Throne – Today 24

The women’s organizations affiliated with the first eight parties represented in Parliament sent a cable of thanks to King Mohammed VI, expressing their welcome for what was stated in the speech from the throne on the empowerment of Moroccan women and their fundamental role in the process of developing.

This is how it came in a joint message between the women’s organizations affiliated with the National Association of Independents, Authenticity and Modernity, Istiklal, Socialist Union of Popular Forces, Popular Movement, Progress and Socialism, Constitutional Union and Justice and Development.

The aforementioned organizations expressed their gratitude for what was stated in the royal speech, in which it was stated that the construction of a Morocco of progress and dignity will only be done with the participation of all Moroccans, men and women, in the development process. Emphasizing that nations and peoples will not have a rebirth if the legal, social and economic status of women is not developed.

These organizations recorded that the speech had a great impact on the hearts of Moroccan women, praising the king’s support for the battles that women are waging regarding the interpretation of the family system and the need to update it, modify it and overcome its deficiencies. . and the readiness of surrounding ambiguities that mattered for understanding and interpretation.