5 entities concentrate three quarters of the jobs in the Moroccan labor market – today 24

The High Planning Commission reported that 5 regions comprised 72.6 percent of the total workforce aged 15 and over during the second quarter of 2022.

In his information note on the situation of the labor market during the second quarter of 2022, the delegate indicated that the Casablanca-Settat region ranks first with 22.2 per cent of the total active population, followed by Rabat-Salé-Kenitra (13.8 percent). percent), and Marrakech-Safi (13.3 percent), Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima (12 percent), and Fez-Meknes (11.3 percent).

Four regions recorded activity rates above the national average (45.2 percent), and this was related to Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima (51.2 percent), Casablanca-Settat (47.5 percent), Marrakech- Safi (46.5 percent) and Rabat-Venta-Kenitra (45.7 percent). On the other hand, the lowest rates were registered in the regions of Souss-Massa (39.9%), Beni-Mellal-Khenifra (41.7%) and Fez-Meknes (42%).

On the other hand, five regions have almost seven out of ten (71.1 percent) unemployed nationally. The Casablanca-Settat region ranks first with 25.5 percent, followed by Rabat-Salé-Kenitra with 12.8 percent, Fez-Meknes with 12.7 percent, the eastern region with 10, 8 percent, then Tanger Tetouan-Alhucemas with a 9.3 percent share.

The highest unemployment rates were recorded in the southern regions (20.9 percent), the eastern region (18.2 percent), and to a lesser extent, two regions exceed the national average (11.2 percent) , and this is in the Casablanca-Settat region (12.8 percent) and Fez-Meknes (12.5 percent).

On the other hand, the regions of Marrakech-Safi, Beni Mellal-Khenifra and Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima registered the lowest rates with 6.5, 8.7 and 8.7 percent, respectively.