Ifrane is the first Moroccan city to receive an international brand – today 24

The city of Ifrane, as the first Moroccan city, has obtained official world recognition by being awarded the label “Ramsar Convention Accredited Wetland City”, along with 24 new candidate cities.

The aforementioned brand, which is included in the edition corresponding to the year 2022, will be registered during the fourteenth session of the Conference of the Contracting Parties of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands (COP14), which will take place from November 5 to 13.

The brand itself is a recognition of Ifrane’s commitment to the protection of its urban wetlands for the good of people and nature, using a participatory approach between the Territorial Administration, the Community, the National Agency for Water and Forests, the World Wide Fund for Nature and Life. Planet Morocco.

With the approval of 25 new candidate cities, the Wetland Cities mini-club will include a total of 43 regions located in 17 countries.

It should be noted that the Ramsar Convention is an international treaty for the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands in order to stop the gradual increase in the loss of wetlands in the present and future and to restore the essential ecological functions of wetlands and develop its economic, cultural, scientific and recreational function.