It includes preventing the use of water for the irrigation of stadiums and gardens. Ávilaal reveals the plan of the Al-Bayda City Council to deal with water scarcity

The Al-Bayda City Council has practically begun to declare a state of water emergency due to the scarcity and decrease in drinking water stocks and has held a series of marathon meetings to make various decisions that improve the management and conservation of water during its use. . and avoid its use in the irrigation of green spaces and golf courses.

And in relation to the water emergency, announced by the managers of the economic capital, Moulay Ahmed Afilal, deputy mayor in charge of hygiene, revealed that the collective council met last night, Tuesday, on the instructions of the mayor Nabila Al -Rumeili, chaired on his behalf, and with the presence of the regional director of the hydrographic basin and responsible for green spaces in the local development company “Bee’ah”, the person in charge of monitoring in the company “Lidec”, frames of the company, the director of spaces in the town hall, the engineers and a representative of the governor of the region, in order to generate important results, including making several decisions aimed at rationalizing the use of drinking water, raising awareness and warning about the danger of a water measure.

The same official revealed that his council asked Lydec to suspend the use of hundreds of drinking water meters designated for the irrigation of green areas, since 200 meters were previously closed and now the company is in the process of suspending the use of 500 meters. designated for the irrigation of green areas. spaces.

As a counterpart to this decision, Ávilaal announced that the City Council decided to take advantage of groundwater and a set of springs, which the same speaker stressed the need to recover.

The deputy mayor has confirmed, in statements to “Al-Youm 24”, that the meters are draining a huge and very high bill, especially those related to the irrigation of green areas.
Avilal warned that there are underground wells that do not have pumps, because they are damaged or stolen, and currently the city council is taking an inventory of existing wells and using them for irrigation as an alternative to the water meters that were cut. so as not to neglect these green spaces, and save them from drought.
The deputy mayor in charge of cleaning explained that his council suggested watering it through buses with water tanks, but the cost of the material is high and requires an injection of 9 billion dirhams.

On the other hand, the Al-Rumaili MP revealed that the last decision that can be resorted to due to the water crisis in Al-Bayda is to resort to the shortage or cut off the water supply, stressing that his council is taking action proactive to preserve the drinking water stock.
Avilal warned that if the waste of water continues, the corresponding authorities will be forced to resort to taking measures to reduce the flow or cut off the water in certain periods.

And the local official announced that it was decided that the authorized company, Maa (Lydec), would issue advertising campaigns and awareness campaigns on media channels aimed at Casablancans.

Avilal said that water is a vital substance that must be conserved due to the drought in recent years, accentuating the decrease in drinking water stocks, and therefore it must be conserved and managed well, in order to save and preserve it.