“NASA” publishes a clear image of the Cart Wheel Galaxy – today 24

The American space agency, NASA, has published a rare and amazing image of the Chariot Wheel galaxy, which is located 500 million light years away.

The image, published on Tuesday, shows the rings of the aforementioned galaxy with unprecedented clarity thanks to the new James Webb Space Telescope, which cost ten billion dollars, was sent into space about seven months ago and is currently stationed about 1.5 million kilometers from Earth. planet Earth.

The Cart Wheel galaxy, according to what NASA said quoting astronomers, was “a spiral galaxy, like the Milky Way, which includes the Earth, but an important event gave it its shape, which is the collision with another galaxy more small. ”

The aforementioned shock, according to the same source, caused the formation of two rings from the main point of the shock, in the form of circular waves caused by the launch of a pebble into the water.

The first, middle ring is very bright, while the second, outer ring has been expanding for 440 million years.

As the ring expands, it collides with surrounding gas, resulting in star formation.

This galaxy was previously observed by the Hubble Space Telescope, but the infrared capabilities of the new James Webb space “revealed new details that were not visible before yesterday Tuesday.”

The same statement explained that the Cartwheel galaxy is still in a state of “transition”, adding that the James Webb telescope provides “information about its current state” as well as “what happened to it in the past and how it will evolve”. in the future.”