Tangier..Theme camp that combines fun and benefit – Today 24

In the midst of the activities of the National Program Vacations for All, which is supervised by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Communication and the National Camping University, and within the framework of the national program Vacations for All, the Moroccan Association for the Education of the Youth organizes With an inclusive, humanistic and universal educational approach national summer camp For children, in the diplomatic forest, east of Tangier.

The educational camp activities are organized under the motto: The camp is a space… for education… for participation… and for creativity During the period between July 27 to August 5, 2022, with the participation of 1,000 boys and girls from various branches of the association at the national level, who voluntarily are framed by 120 educational frameworks of the best frameworks of the association.

And theAccording to a statement from the organizing association, a copy of which was received by “El Día 24”, this camp It aims to help provide children with the knowledge and skills they need to be an active member of society and able to integrate into it and contribute to its progress.

and so Develop the cognitive abilities, skills and social skills of the children participating in the camp in order to develop the child’s personality and enhance the spirit of creativity, communication and work within the group to consolidate the culture of education in Rights, duties and values ​​of citizenship among children.

Then develop the social spirit, solidarity, the spirit of cooperative work, fraternity and affection among children, and make them aware of the importance of preserving the environment and ways to preserve it, and strengthen the community and the positive participation of children. children and the acceptance of others and differences

The pedagogical project of the camp is based on three components: The first is about A joint program between units that includes awareness and benefit activities.

and the second component It is based on an updated educational program consisting of activities A variety of educational and recreational activities: theater, music, drawing, expression and crafts in relation to the logo of the camp.

As for the third component, Includes rehabilitation and training activities in the areas of life and coexistence from a human rights approach.