The Urban Agency in Safi communicates with the inhabitants of the rural world and the Moroccan community – today 24

Under the motto of urban agencies at the service of the rural world, the activities of the proximity convoy organized by the agency in the Safi and Youssoufia regions will soon be launched.
His first season in the Youssoufia region will start on Friday, August 5. Rural communities will focus on Ras al-Ain, al-Subai’at and Ighod.
While the Asfi province station will host its day on Saturday August 06, the village groups will focus on Hadd Ahrara, As-Sadalah, Tlaa Boukadra and Two Ghiat.
This initiative was part of the proximity caravan organized by the Ministry of Preparation of the National Territory, Construction, Housing and Urban Policy, which the Minister launched at the level of all the regions of the Kingdom, to frame the reconstruction movement and construction in rural areas, and consolidate the methodology of proximity and communication with the rural population.
This initiative aims, according to an official statement from the agency, to serve the rural population by listening and providing the necessary advice, and working to educate the population about construction conditions in rural areas and the facilities granted for their benefit, and provide them with all the necessary explanations so that they can access construction information and obtain technical assistance on site.
The agency’s management announced that it has assigned a technical body made up of its frameworks that will travel to the site to answer questions from citizens and review a set of good practices and innovative solutions represented in the identification of districts to solve the licensing problem. in the rural world, and technical and architectural assistance to families in need for the construction of their homes, adopting only what benefits the property or exploitation in the study of construction files, and following the rhythm of large projects structured in the rural world that generate job opportunities and promote the stability of the population. The same frameworks will also provide construction consultations and find solutions to pending files and applications.
In the same context, the Safi Urban Agency announced that it has launched a set of measures to simplify procedures and improve the services provided to the Moroccan community during the summer.
Including the organization of open doors from August 8 to 12 at the Agency’s headquarters, in Safi, in order to publicize its tasks, achievements and the procedures followed in the field of urban planning and management.
It also made the services of the one-stop shop available to this community throughout the summer to advise on construction and investment.
And he announced that he had adopted the shift system outside official hours, from half past four to half past six, Monday through Friday, and from nine in the morning to half past twelve on Saturdays. With the assignment of a special telephone number for queries and information collection, and the provision of all remote services, for the benefit of the community through its geographic and electronic portals.