Colleague Jetioui, correspondent for the “Al-Araby” channel, is threatened and reprimanded by an employee of the Ministry of Health – today 24

Colleague Abdel-Samad Jetioui, correspondent for the Al-Araby channel in Morocco, was threatened and reprimanded yesterday, Wednesday, by an employee of the Al-Razi Hospital, after carrying out his journalistic work within the framework of professional controls.

Jatiwi wrote that the employee warned him not to transmit external images of Al-Razi Hospital in Salé, saying, “He called me from his personal phone, defying norms, morals and the law, telling me that he was prohibited from transmitting any images of Al-Razi Hospital. -Razi, how was it, knowing that I only took external images and I have the license for that film center “Al-Maghrabi and I have never photographed inside the hospital.”
He added that the Al-Razi Hospital employee refused to reveal her name and introduced herself as a duty manager “and allowed herself to threaten me.”
And my reprimand for the first time in my professional history, and the practice of restricting and quarantining a professional journalist who is fully aware of his duty to his profession and his country.”
He said: “I denounce this unprofessional behavior and do not accept it, and I hope that the officials of the Ministry of Health, led by the Minister and the officials of Al-Razi Hospital, will interact and stop these kinds of practices that are offensive.” in the image of the ministry and the health system in our country in general”.