Drakanov enters the golden cage… Photos – Day 24

Moroccan rapper Adnan Mahiou “Drakanov” announced the news of his marriage with his business manager in an indirect way, as he wrote in the Al-Sturi report through his official account on “Instagram” “God is great, praise God” , without specifying the name. news, while his wife, Belqis, posted photos of meeting him during a ceremony.

The rapper “Drakanov”, accompanied by his wife and his business manager, Belqis, appeared wearing traditional clothes during the wedding ceremony in the city of Tetouan, in the midst of his family, where the latter commented with a “husband and wife. “

It is worth mentioning that the rapper “Drakanov” launched his new artistic two weeks ago, a “crack” entitled “Shi Shi”, which managed to reach an important range of musical melodies, through his official channel on the YouTube video upload site. .