Latifa Raafat returns the soul to the song “Ya Al-Nassi” by the late Ibrahim Al-Alami – Hoy 24

Moroccan singer Latifa Raafat Al-Ruh returned with her voice, with some changes in melody and distribution.

Latifa Raafat re-performed the famous Moroccan song “Ya Al-Nassi”, which is considered part of the Moroccan musical heritage, and is also preserved by the new generation.

Latifa tried to change the musical arrangement of the song, which was commissioned by maestro Rachid Mohamed, and it premiered on Tuesday night with a new breath.

Earlier, Raafat announced, through his official “Instagram” account, the release of his new work and set a date with his fans to discover it, where he wrote: “My love for the Moroccan song is eternal love. Master Rashid Muhammad Ali, tomorrow Tuesday, God willing, on my official channel.

It should be noted that the song “Ya Al-Nassi” is by the late great artist Ibrahim Al-Alami, composed and sung, and was released in 1960.