“Tik Tok” takes the musical songs where they came and went – ​​today 24

It seems that the criteria for the success of lyrical works have changed, from the ways in which the world of music has been known since ancient times, to an era in which the most popular song prevails over the contents of “Tik Tok” . Tik Tok” becomes a tool to evaluate the success of songs?

A great popularity behind a newborn application, since it is not more than 5 years old, but now it takes the leading role, to control the ranks of the so-called “musical tundons”, and became in charge of establishing a section of a song in the mind, becoming the most popular among the videos and in the search engine, therefore, the most successful during the season.

After sitting down to listen to a song, no matter how long, and giving each word its due, “Tik Tok” offers the music as “fast food”, and makes the listener content with a small piece of the song. , so he keeps repeating it all the time without realizing it, but this doesn’t last long.

Most of the world’s hit songs didn’t grab the listener’s attention, but the opposite happens when you come back to it after using it in “Tik Tok” videos. For example, the song “Noantity”, which was released in 2019, did not win. the required importance, but it became the most successful pop song in the history of the African continent after being used in more than 8 million videos on Tik Tok and almost 80 million views on YouTube.

Most people are unaware that the famous American song “Astronaut in the Ocean” by the Australian “Masked Wolf” was released in 2019 by a small Australian company, but rose to fame in 2021 during the quarantine period by using it in more than 18 million videos on social networks “Tik Tok”, and became one of the best songs of the summer of former US President Barack Obama.

“Tik Tok” not only contributed to the success of the new songs, but also the old ones by going back to them and using them in the required way, such as the popular Moroccan song of the late Hajja Hamdaouia “Hey She” which was used in the form of a “challenge ” between the young group, and the song Kharboucha, which the girls returned to “Tik Tok” with traditional clothing, Moroccan accessories and makeup.