Actor Kevin Spacey forced to pay $31 million to ‘House of Cards’ producers

Actor Kevin Spacey forced this Thursday to pay about 31 million dollars to the producers of the series “House of Cards”, who were excluded after accusations of sexual assault, and a judge determined this compensation in a decision that responds to an appeal of appeal filed by Spacey. to a previous sentence.

Spacey, who won two Oscars for the films “American Beauty” and “You’re Soulful Suspects,” is on trial in Britain for four sexual assaults on three men.

The charges were brought against Spacey in the wake of the launch of the “MeToo” movement, following the scandals of the American film producer Harvey Weinstein, who was the subject of several allegations of sexual harassment and assault, revealed in the fall of 2017. The The Wave of accusations against Spacey had dire consequences for the actor’s career.

MRC, the producer of the series “House of Cards”, which portrays the scenes of politics in the White House, demanded damages for the losses suffered as a result of Spacey’s exclusion from work, since his dismissal forced her to carry out radical adjustments. to the sixth season of the series.

The 2020 arbitration concluded that Spacey must pay compensation equal to the losses and costs incurred by the company as a result of these changes.

However, the representative’s defense attorneys asserted that the person who conducted the arbitration exceeded his powers by taking into account some evidence.

However, Judge Mel Reed Rekana confirmed in his ruling on Thursday that the Hollywood star must pay about $31 million, including damages and lawsuit expenses.

The judge upheld the arbitration’s conclusion that Spacey had violated the terms of his contract with the company due to the behavior of which he was accused.

The actor has always denied sexually harassing anyone.

And Spacey embodied in “House of Cards” the role of an American politician named Frank Underwood who tries all the crooked ways to get to the White House and eliminate his opponents.

In the United States, Spacey was accused of indecent assault and sexual assault in Massachusetts, on the east coast of the United States. In July 2016, he was accused of sexually abusing an 18-year-old bar worker after making him drink alcohol.

But those charges were dropped in July 2019.