After the duet “Antaya Daeef”, accompanied by Cheb Bilal, Zina Al-Daoudia prepares to perform with the Iraqi Rahma Riad – Today 24

The Moroccan singer Zina Daoudia sang “Rai” again, for which she has become famous since she entered the artistic scene, and this time accompanied by the Algerian artist Cheb Bilal, where they premiered last Saturday through Zina’s official channel in Youtube a new lyrical duo entitled “Antaya weak”.

A source close to Zina Daoudia told “Al-Youm 24” that the latter, accompanied by Cheb Bilal, was willing to write the lyrics and composition of the song, while the Algerian teacher Tariq Qadim, nicknamed Tariq Acapella, was assigned to arrange the music, while the video clip was shot under the direction of director Hassan Al-Krafti.

The source added that Zina Al-Daoudia will soon release a new duet compiled by Iraqi artist Rahma Riad, and is also working on a new Egyptian song in which she will participate in singing with popular Egyptian singer Muhammad Al-Leithi.

This was not the first job that brought Zina and Bilal together, as they met on a song from Daoudia’s 2021 album titled “Sekto Alia” which garnered over 4 million views on YouTube.

It should be noted that the last work of the artist Daoudia was a repetition of the famous popular song “Al-Mimma, I’m your girl”, which achieved great success with more than 12 million views on her official YouTube channel.