Akhannouch calls on his ministers to take austerity measures by reducing car costs and rationalizing water and electricity consumption – Hoy 24

Prime Minister Aziz Akhannouch called on his ministers to cut a number of spending in preparation for the finalization of the 2023 finance bill.

In a circular addressed to members of the government, Akhannouch called for spending on car purchases, construction and refurbishment of administrative headquarters to be reduced as much as possible.

The Prime Minister also urged the government to rationalize the use of water and reduce electricity consumption costs, ensuring the use of renewable energies and rationalizing expenses related to communications.

He also highlighted the need not to accumulate arrears and give priority to their liquidation, especially those related to water and electricity, and also called for the maximum reduction of transport and transportation expenses within and outside the Kingdom, reception expenses, organization of concerts, conferences and seminars, as well as study expenses.