Al-Baigidi announces his participation in the “revision” of the provisions of the Family Code, provided that Islamic law and its mandatory texts are fully respected.

The Justice and Development Party stressed the need for everyone to adhere to the correct and complete application of the requirements of the Family Code, calling in a statement to its secretariat to overcome the imbalances and shortcomings that experience has revealed, and to review some of its provisions, which have deviated from its objectives, as the case may be.

In this sense, Benkirane’s party warned of the danger that “some people import problems, questions and models that are not related to Moroccan society and its religious reference and are not raised as topics of interest to them, warning about their negative effects and its great danger to the stability of the family and the strength of society and its steadfastness in the face of challenges and shocks.” facing Morocco.

The General Secretariat of Baijidi announced the participation of the party in what may be necessary to review some provisions of the Family Code, if the case so requires, in full concern for the duty of full respect for Islamic law and its mandatory texts, considering Islam the religion. of the State, and as highlighted by the king in his capacity as prince of believers and protector of fevers. Religion and religion, in a way that guarantees the unity and stability of the family and preserves it as the basic cell of society in accordance with the requirements of the constitution of the Kingdom.

While the Bejedi secretariat praised the content of the last speech from the throne, and what was mentioned in it regarding family issues and its emphasis on the importance of the participation of all Moroccan men and women in the development process, in turn, he asked all the authorities concerned to ensure the correct application of the family code and address all problems and imbalances in its application, especially those that affect the stability and continuity of family relations and the ties of legal marriage.

The Baijidi leadership also demanded, in a statement signed by its Secretary General, Abd al-Ilah Ibn Kiran, the need to accelerate the activation of constitutional institutions and the discharge of public policies that address family and childhood issues, in a that contribute to address the real social, economic and development problems that afflict them.

Al-Bijidi returned on the occasion of the meeting of his general secretariat, yesterday, Thursday, to underline the importance of the family, its stature and its venerable roles in Moroccan society, as sponsored by the Kingdom’s constitution, as the basic cell of the society. , and also as a solid pillar for the preservation of the Moroccan identity, which is characterized by the fact that the Islamic religion occupies a prominent place in it.