The arrest of a person who destroyed cars in Casablanca using a bulldozer

In the early hours of Friday, the security services of the Sidi Bernoussi region of Casablanca announced that they had arrested a 25-year-old person, suspected of being involved in a case related to public drunkenness and causing material loss to the property of others using a “Trax” drilling machine.

Subsequently, the same sources revealed that the suspect was subjected to a theoretical preventive detention under the supervision of the competent Public Ministry, in order to clarify all the circumstances, circumstances and background of this case, as well as to identify all the criminal acts that were committed against him. attribute. interested.

The security services had received a notification about the participation of an advanced drunk in the seizure of a drilling machine and with it they caused material losses to four cars parked on the main street of the former Sidi Moumen area, where a group immediately intervened of police patrols. on the spot, and was able to neutralize the danger. The result of the person in question and the arrest of him.

The preliminary investigation also showed that the suspect, who works in construction workshops at the site, got into a dispute with a person, for reasons that the security investigation is working to identify, before he, under the influence of advanced intoxication , seized this mechanism and used it to commit these criminal acts, causing only material losses, not registering bodily injuries.