The Israeli judiciary orders an open prison sentence against the governor of Jerusalem – today 24

On Thursday, an Israeli court sentenced Jerusalem Governor Adnan Ghaith to an open prison sentence, without specifying a length of time, in preparation for his trial on charges of violating “military decisions issued against him.” .

The aforementioned decisions include preventing Ghaith from entering the West Bank for long periods.

The Israeli authorities had previously imposed on the Jerusalem governor a “domestic prison” for a period of more than two years, to be tried with an actual prison term of more than a year and a half.

Media adviser Maarouf Al-Rifai to the governor of Jerusalem described the ruling as “political decisions” made by the occupation government and implemented through its partial judiciary with the aim of imposing so-called sovereignty over Jerusalem and attacking national and historical identity. of the city of Jerusalem and its people.

Jerusalem’s governor has been arrested 35 times since taking office in August 2018.

The Israeli authorities did not give any explanation as to the reasons for the arrest of the governor of Jerusalem before imposing domiciliary residence on him.