A union denounces the arrest of a taxi driver who put the phrase “Leave Akhannush” on his car – today 24

The union of the Moroccan National Labor Union, the taxi sector, has expressed its condemnation of the decision to arrest a taxi driver in Tangier after putting the phrase “Leave Akhannouch” on his car.

The Union considered that the decision issued by the scoring office in Tangier, to withdraw the trust license for the aforementioned reason, is unacceptable and unacceptable.

Mohamed Mashkhakh, first national undersecretary of the taxi sector, affiliated with the Moroccan National Labor Union, stressed in a press release that the decision must be reviewed, stressing that the depth of the problem must be sought, which is the high price. of the taxi, as well as the breach of the electoral promises made by the Akhannouch government. Cut it in front of the citizens.

The same spokesman considered that the participation of taxis in the digital campaign that demands Akhannouch’s departure and the reduction in fuel prices is a normal participation, given that taxi drivers are among the groups highly affected by the current situation, as well as than the rest of Moroccan society.

Mashchak warned that taxi drivers put the hashtag on their car windows in a group of Moroccan cities, without this angering the authorities, with the exception of the Tangiers incident, which treated the issue unacceptably.

“This is a field of expression, with normal content and that does not affect any constant”, says the union leader for the participation of taxis in the “Let Akhannouch” campaign, for which, Mouchachkh added, the fighters of the Union National Labor Office in Morocco will support the affected driver at the Tangier level, and the union will be fully prepared to provide all forms of support necessary to deal with this incident and ensure that it is not repeated, in order to guarantee the rights and dignity of taxi drivers. .