Morocco seeks to export green hydrogen to Europe at very competitive costs

Morocco aspires to become a major player in the export of green hydrogen to Europe at very competitive costs, since it can “cover the global needs of this substance between 2 and 4 percent by 2030”.

Morocco has made great strides in green hydrogen production, by possessing the necessary technologies, developing the market and demand, and then attracting related investment.

The most prominent of the investments mentioned, according to a report by “Sky News”, is the project of the company “Total Eren”, affiliated with the group “Total Energies”, which allocated a huge financial endowment estimated at 10,690 million dollars, equivalent to 100 billion dirhams, to complete a project to produce hydrogen and ammonia El Verde in the Guelmim-Oued Noun region.

It should be noted that Morocco has created, according to the same source, “the first green hydrogen meeting in Africa, the Green H2 Cluster, which brings together national and international actors from the public and private sectors, with the aim of working on all technological developments in the very promising economic and industrial sector”.