Ruby reveals her age and real name – today the 24th

The artist, Ruby, revealed her real age for the first time during her presentation of an Egyptian television program, where she stated that she is 40 years old and that her real name is Rania Hussein, and that the name Ruby is only for fame.

Many people showed their interest to know the real age of the Ruby star, as several social media pioneers shared the clip in which she talks about this, as well as talking about her sister, nicknamed “Kookie”.

Ruby did not hesitate to answer the question asked by the presenter of the program “With Mona El-Shazly” regarding her real age, as she said, “40 years”.

Ruby revealed the reason for the estrangement between her and her aunts, where she said that the real reason is due to the daring clips she was filming, highlighting that her relationship with her sister Coco is good, and what is being promoted regarding the The issue of the distance between them is just a rumor.

He recently released his new song “Nammat Nana”, written and composed by Aziz Al-Shafei, distributed by Touma, and a video clip directed by Khaled Mokhtar. On the other hand, she Ruby participates in the movie “One Tani”, starring Ahmed Helmy, Nasreen Amin, Amr Abdel Galil, Sayed Ragab, Ahmed Malik, Nour Ehab and other artists.