The water crisis worsens in the Ángel group in Pullman – today 24

After the meeting, which was chaired by the worker from the Polman region, in the presence of a representative from Douar Ashlog and a representative from the Angel group, recently, regarding the community’s water crisis, a source from the group said that the water problem was exacerbated by the absence of the contractor in charge of laying the infrastructure canals.

The spokesman added, in relation to “Al-Youm 24”, that the workers’ board made a profit by installing a pump in a well 4 km from the roundabout, but the sub-channel to bring water to the population is still pending. the responsible contractor intervenes, at a time when the need for drinking water is increasing.

The water crisis in the Ashloj roundabout of the Angel group in Pullman, led citizens to go out in a protest march, a few days ago, towards the employment headquarters, to demand that the roundabout be provided with drinking water, in the face of what which the district worker answered. to the march and received representatives of the residents, but the absence of the main channel to transport water from the well deepened the suffering of the Ashloj roundabout.