Thus, the investigations overthrew the mediator, “Belayashi”, the hero of the gang of “brokers and bribes”, in 12 files in exchange for large sums of money.

The investigations indicate that his profession is only a driver!!, but he managed to weave relationships with some of the men of the judiciary and security…!! He apparently has a network of relationships that is broader than the scope of his work. He grew up in the city of Benslimane, but before his arrest he lived in the suburbs of the city of Al-Bayda.

The eyes of security men will follow him from the beginning of last year 2021, and in the midst of the waves of the Corona pandemic, he will fall into the hands of the police, after the National Brigade of Judicial Police received accurate security information. according to the organization of a group of people within a criminal gang that specializes in bribery, bribery and mediation with public officials in exchange for obtaining. Its members received large sums of money, and he was one of its heroes, the “brokers” involved in this criminal act.

Belaiachi, nicknamed “El General”, is the hero of the gang of intermediaries and brokers, along with other mediators, who were overthrown by a long course of security and judicial investigation, immediately after the authorities managed to decipher the content of the phone calls they took. place among the detainees, who were registered in this case, which is considered one of the most important cases of dismantling a large network, is pursued with strong charges, the most important being “the formation of a criminal gang specialized in committing crimes” . bribery, misdemeanors and serious crimes, falsehood in official records, bribery and bribery, and mediation in the same with public officials, in exchange for paying and receiving large sums of money, abuse of influence and marital infidelity, participation and fraud.

According to the investigations, in the file of this criminal gang there were records related to a written transmission of the content of the recording of the calls that were made between the stockbrokers and the interested parties, as well as 21 CDs of the telephone calls of the defendants who were taken based on a decision of the first president in the Casablanca Court of Appeal.

According to the investigations, and after being confronted with the data of the investigation in this case and the recordings of telephone calls during his conversation with a group of people, including public officials, including judges, Belayashi admitted the role of mediation and his intervention with these and others, in multiple cases in exchange for large sums of money, in addition to a series of operations from calling those who intend to carry out these interventions until receiving sums of money and delivering the value of the bribes to these public officials.

In succession with the course of the investigation, Belayashi was heard according to four registers, to admit his mediation in many operations, part of which he remembered, while recounting that he did not remember a group of operations of his interventions with the police. and gendarmerie, due to their large number and the passage of time, which are the mediation and intermediation interventions that approached 12 files.

Investigations indicate that the main defendant, also nicknamed “The General”, had previously been mentioned during one of the phone calls made by the convict, Hisham Losky, the deputy attorney general, with a mediator.

It is noteworthy that Belaiachi is a mediator among others, belonging to this gang, whose investigations revealed his methods of intervention in the judiciary, which were dismantled and sent to the King’s Deputy Attorney General in Casablanca, a week ago, for follow-up of 29 people, including the Deputy Crown Prosecutor.

The use of the power to record telephone calls by the National Judicial Police, under instructions from the Public Ministry, allowed it to identify forms of intervention in police and judicial files.

For reference, this court file meddling gang is an extension of Deputy King Hisham Lusky’s gang, who is serving an 8-year prison sentence.

The National Judicial Police Division supervised the monitoring of the telephone recordings that were taken based on the request of the King’s Attorney General and the decision of the First President in the Court of Appeal of Casablanca Court of Appeal of Casablanca. The elements of this gang play various roles in the field of mediation and brokerage in the judicial rulings of the Court of First Instance of Casablanca, as well as some popular cases with the security services, through what was monitored from the phone calls.