Donia Batma celebrates the first festival after a long absence – today 24

Moroccan singer Donia Batma performed this Thursday the concert that she had previously promised her fans, within the framework of the Touizah Festival in Tangier, during which she officially announced her return to revive Moroccan festivals.

Batma took to the stage of the famous Twiza Festival, where she presented her various Moroccan and popular songs in front of an audience that expressed their love for her, carrying her photographs.

Donia Batma posted on her official “Instagram” page videos about the atmosphere of her attendance at the festival and commented on a post saying, “Chilling scene with tears in my eyes, I was glad to see you, thanks to all my dear fans at the Touizah Festival, who were strongly present from all over the world and all Moroccan cities, I love and miss you”.

And another comment by Donia Batma in a video that she published from within the party said:“The love of the people is priceless, the match speaks for itself. May God protect you. Thank you to all my dear fans from Tangier to Kouira.”

It is noteworthy that the Moroccan artist Donia Batma has not met her audience directly for 3 years, with festivals being canceled due to the Corona pandemic, and the Touizah Festival is the first festival to revive Batma after her absence.