“Jog Banawat”… This is how the “bribery and bribery codes” that overthrew judges and security personnel in cases of traffic accidents were dismantled – Hoy 24

“Jog Banawat is present to release the person in question” is one of the “brokerage and bribery codes” that security services cracked after wiretapping operations targeting the recently toppled gang in one of the biggest investigations. security from the beginning of 2021.

The investigations show how a deputy deputy secretary of the king, who is one of the most prominent detainees of the aforementioned gang, demanded a security agent, also detained, to mediate in exchange for the release of a person involved in a fatal traffic accident by truck.

On this occasion, the investigations revealed the way in which mediators, intermediaries, security agents and deputies of the king’s agents tried to free those involved in traffic accidents in exchange for bribes”, according to what happened in the telephone calls that the investigators they monitored between a deputy of the king’s attorney in the court of first instance of the Al-Bayda house (MG), one of the mediators of the 29-member gang that was dismantled a week ago.

Among the files in which the king’s deputy, the hero of the gang, intervened, there were two files related to a fatal traffic accident in a truck, and a traffic accident with a motorcycle leak.

The file related to the fatal traffic accident was mediated by the judicial police officer (YD) and the police officer (MH) in exchange for a bribe of 20 thousand dirhams, or “Jog Banawat” in the language of the intermediaries, and he Receive it directly with the release of the interested party, as stated in a telephone call to a deputy The king’s agent was watched by the National Judicial Police Corps.

The second file, in which the same judicial official intervened, is related to a person who committed a traffic accident while fleeing on his motorcycle.

The author of the fatal accident was none other than one of the mediators of the aforementioned gang (AS).

The mediator linked the call to the aforementioned deputy king’s representative, asking him to intervene with the police to avoid arrest, “Do you want me to come to you?

The two files mentioned are among 12 other files, in which the members of the same gang intervened and were presented before the Court of Appeals of Casablanca.

The gang is an extension of the gang of Deputy Crown Prosecutor Hisham Lusky, who is serving an 8-year prison sentence.

On June 28, 2021, the policeman (YD) contacts the deputy attorney general (MJ), and informs him of the facts of a fatal traffic accident, and that the driver of the truck, in addition to its owner, is accompanied by him in his office, immediately after the arrested policeman connects the call

By the constant representative of the deputy king, who instructs to put the driver under theoretical guard and answer him by saying: “An hour will come, and God will come.”

Immediately afterward, the policeman asks the Deputy Attorney General to return the driver’s license to its owner in exchange for a Dh20,000 bribe.

At this time, the named (MA), the police officer, calls (YD), and assures him of the need to return the driver’s license to its owner, informing him saying: “Dakshi, I am with you”. it is the same moment that (DY) asks about the agreed amount of money, which is 10,000 dirhams, telling him that he is surprised that the amount does not exceed 4,000 dirhams.