The truth about the start of filming of the second part of the series “Al-Maktoub” – today 24

The sources of “Al-Youm 24” denied the news circulating among the pages of social networks about the start of filming of the second part of the Moroccan series “Al Maktoob”, which incorrectly reveals the new faces that will play the leading role in that.

Sources confirmed that the news is unfounded, noting that the script is still being written and was not picked up from the works of Ramadan, by 2M.

He added, in response to a news story showing images of some Moroccan actors, such as Rachid El-Wali, Saadia Deeb, Abdullah Deedan and others, as the new heroes of the second part of the Ramadan series “Al Maktoob”. promoted, that they are just rumors and that the doors of the election have not yet been opened, and that the facts are yet to be written. .

During the month of Ramadan, the Moroccan series “Al Maktoob” gained a great place among the Moroccan audience, as it attracted attention thanks to its exciting events that mixed drama, comedy and love, earning it millions of views.