Ships loaded with grain leave Ukraine, nuclear plant bombed

Four additional ships loaded with grain left two Ukrainian ports on Sunday, while Moscow and kyiv accused each other of carrying out a new attack on a nuclear plant occupied by Russian forces.

For its part, Amnesty International expressed its “deep pain and indignation” after publishing a report on alleged violations of international law by Ukrainian forces in the face of the Russian invasion. But she confirmed that her controversial report was undermined.

“The second convoy loaded with Ukrainian resources has just left… three (ships) from Chornomorsk and one from Odessa,” Kyiv’s Ministry of Infrastructure wrote on Telegram.

He added that the four ships are “Mustafa Negati”, “Star Helena”, “Glory” and “Riva Wind”, which carry “around 170,000 tons of agricultural materials”.

Also on Sunday, Moscow and kyiv accused each other of bombing the Zaporizhia nuclear plant in southern Ukraine, which Russia seized after its neighbor’s invasion on February 24.

While Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky received American actress Jessica Chastain, Moscow celebrated the renewal of the mandate of one of its former political veterans as head of the International Chess Federation.

Recent fighting at the plant prompted the International Atomic Energy Agency to warn of the “very real danger of a nuclear catastrophe”.

On Sunday, the official Russian news agency, TASS, quoted the occupation authorities in the city of Energodar, where the station is located, as saying that the Ukrainian army “carried out (overnight) an attack with a cluster bomb fired from a Uragan Multiple Rocket Launcher”.

It added that the shells “fell 400 meters from a working reactor” and caused damage to administrative buildings and hit a “storage area for spent nuclear fuel.”

But the “Enerhoatom” company, which operates the station, said that “Russian occupiers again fired missiles at the site of the Zaporizhia nuclear plant and the city of Energodar.”

He added in a statement that “an employee … was taken to hospital after suffering injuries caused by shrapnel from the explosion.”

AFP was unable to confirm the allegations from an independent source.

And “Innerhotom” reported on Saturday that parts of the facility were “significantly damaged” by military strikes and one of its reactors was forced out of service.

And the director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Rafael Grossi, warned this Saturday that the Zaporizhia nuclear plant, the largest in Europe, could be seriously damaged in the fighting.

He said: “Any military firepower, whether directed at or from the facility, amounts to playing with fire, with consequences that would be catastrophic.”

Amnesty International sparked outrage in Ukraine by publishing a report on Thursday accusing the Ukrainian military of endangering civilian lives by deploying military infrastructure in schools and hospitals and launching counter-attacks from populated areas.

The head of Amnesty International in Ukraine has resigned over the report, accusing the body of becoming a vehicle for “Russian media propaganda”.

On Sunday, the human rights organization defended the report, saying: “Nothing we have documented about what Ukrainian forces have done can in any way justify Russian violations.”

Meanwhile, new grain shipments have been launched from Ukraine, giving hope for easing the world food crisis and lowering prices, with the war entering its sixth month.

Ukraine, one of the world’s largest grain exporters, was forced to stop all shipments following Russia’s invasion on February 24, pushing up global food prices and pushing up import prices for some of the countries. poorest in the world.

A cargo ship arrived in Chornomorsk on Saturday to be loaded with grain for the first time since the Russian invasion.

And last Monday, the Sierra Leone-flagged ship “Razzoni” set sail from the Ukrainian port of Odessa, carrying 26,000 tons of corn, to be the first to leave based on the agreement reached under the auspices of Turkey.

On Friday, Kyiv announced that three other ships loaded with grain had also left for markets in Turkey, Ireland and Britain, while another 13 ships were waiting to sail.

In Rome, Pope Francis on Sunday welcomed the resumption of grain exports, saying the affair gave a “ray of hope” confirming that dialogue is possible to end the war.

“This event can be considered a ray of hope,” he said. I sincerely hope that along this path we can put an end to the fighting and achieve a just and lasting peace.”

On Sunday, Zelensky posted pictures of his meeting with American actress Jessica Chastain on his Instagram account.

“Thanks to this, the world will hear, know and understand more about what is really going on in our country,” Zelensky wrote.

On Sunday, Moscow celebrated a diplomatic victory by renewing Arkady Dvorkovich’s mandate as head of the International Chess Federation.

Dvorkovich, a former deputy prime minister under President Putin, won a new term as head of the International Chess Federation after competing with Ukrainian Andrey Poryshpolets, who accused him of being part of Russia’s “war machine.”

A Kremlin spokesman called Dvorkovich’s victory “very good news and a very clear victory,” according to the Russian news agency TASS.