The Specter of Famine… 92 Planes and 50 Trucks Packed Daily to Provide Food Aid Around the World

Today, Monday, the United Nations World Food Program reported that 5,600 trucks, 92 planes and 50 ships are mobilized daily, with a network of 650 warehouses that provide aid around the world. According to the World Food Program, the number of employees working in relief programs is 20,000 worldwide, while the program works in around 117 countries and regions to provide vital food to people displaced by conflict and those in need. affected by disasters. , and helps individuals and communities find radical solutions to the many challenges they face in building a better future.

The program indicated that it works to improve the nutrition of women and children, support smallholder farmers to improve their productivity and reduce their losses, help countries and communities prepare for and cope with climate impacts, and improve human capital through school feeding programs, in addition to conflict situations, where relief is provided to the decimated population and food assistance is provided to build pathways to peace and stability.