Ukraine launches award to celebrate its defenders and awards them the title of “Excellence” – today 24

Ukraine has allocated an award called the “Ukrainian Defense Award” to honor people who contributed to its defense during the Russian invasion that began on February 24.

The prize will be awarded not only to soldiers, but also to civilians, including volunteers and citizens of other countries, who have made a significant contribution to strengthening the defense of Ukraine.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky signed a decree on awarding the Defense Prize to Ukraine, according to the “Berild” website, citing the Ukrainian presidency.

The decree defines a “title of excellence”, the selection of “graphics” that determine the award form and the approval of “recognition certificate” forms, according to which the award includes various categories of people, including “soldiers, men security officers, employees of law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, police officers and members of voluntary formations of regional communities, and employees of various government departments who were directly involved in defending Ukraine against Russian aggression.”

The same decree states that the prize can be awarded to “employees of executive and government authorities, and employees of defense companies who have shown dedication and made a significant personal contribution to strengthening the defense of Ukraine.”

According to the decree, “prizes should be awarded to persons who have performed voluntary activities or have actively contributed to the implementation of tasks related to the defense of Ukraine, the protection of the security of the population and the interests of the state against Russian aggression.”