Balqis Fathi reveals his intention to marry for the second time – today 24

Emirati artist Balqis Fathi revealed that she is not ready to marry again after divorcing her husband, businessman Sultan Abdul Latif at the moment, noting that she has no problem repeating the marriage experience.

Bilqis responded to a question she received from one of her Twitter followers, including her willingness to marry again, confirming that she is not ready at this time, but may be in a marriage relationship with someone else at another time. .

Belqis described her heart as “green” as she said, “My heart is green… I would like to repeat the safe marriage experience, but not right now, never in the future.”

The Emirati artist said that the reason why she does not plan to get married in the current period is her artistic concerns and that she lives in a state of artistic activity, reviving parties and nights and issuing new songs to sing her artistic path.

Balqis Fathi had previously revealed the specifications that she would like to have in her future husband, including him supporting her and accepting her work and her passion for music and being financially independent.

It should be noted that Belqis is preparing to release a new song in the Egyptian dialect, titled “Al-Mazangi”, written by Malak Adel, composed by Mohamed Yahya and produced by “Kraft Media”.