After the Hadidan series… Fátima, Shay and Kamal Al-Kadmi meet at the Educational Film Festival – today 24

The 14th edition of the Summer Camp Children’s Educational Film Festival will honor actors Fatima, Shai and Kamal Al-Kadmi, under the supervision of the Sora Cultural Heritage Association.

According to Nadia Aqrouch, director of the Educational Film Festival for Children in Summer Camps, at “Al-Youm 24”, the course will raise the slogan “Consolidating Children’s Cinema” in order to achieve cinematographic “justice” for groups of age that Moroccan cinema addresses the logic of stone and guardianship, and continues to exclude Moroccan children in its programs, plans and workshops, to the point of exclusion and abandonment.

The source added: “It is enough to extrapolate the cinema cabinet of the cinema center to identify this absence, which we are trying to make up for in the educational film festival for children in summer camps, and return respect to the Moroccan child, and dedicate the slogan that we will not get tired of raising in each session to “consolidate children’s cinema”.

Nine films from Morocco and Arab countries participate in the festival, competing for the prizes. A jury headed by the artist Idriss El Rokh and whose members include names such as the actress Mounia Lamkimel, the actor Younes Benchkour, screenwriter, the Tunisian writer Saad Benhsine, writer and Plastic artist Mustafa Ghazlani will participate in the festival.

During the event, seminars and meetings will be organized, including a symposium on “The Children of Moroccan Cinema” with the participation of critics, researchers and media professionals, including Mohamed Soof, Said Entenzeb, Mohamed El-Khair, Mohamed Chouika and a master class under the direction of actor Mohamed Khei, in addition to the presentation and signing of the book “On cinema in Morocco and the Mediterranean: Yesterday and Today” by Ahmed Fertat.

Asmaa will participate in open meetings with the children of the camps, including the actor Abdel Latif Khamoli, the writer and screenwriter Hassan Larous, and the actor Nasser Akbab, in addition to the presentation of the films “Sand Children by dear Kremish” and ” Stillo Red” by Nassib Abdo El-Masnawi in a panoramic segment.

The course also includes workshops led by specialists, including the storytelling workshop supervised by the storyteller Muhammad Sous Alawi, the caricature workshop supervised by Naji Banaji, then the music workshop framed by the artist and musician Tawfiq Sarhan, the diagnostic workshop sponsored by actress Hind Benjbara, and Sharaf’s framing film workshop, in addition to the Photography Workshop under the supervision of cinematographer Ibrahim Azbar.