Nelly Karim and Mohamed Ramadan for the first time in the new film “Al-Zero” – today 24

Egyptian actress Nelly Karim meets star Mohamed Ramadan in a new film titled “Al-Zero” directed by Egyptian director Mohamed Adel, where the first scene was filmed on Monday, August 8, the film’s director announced to through your official Facebook account.

And Mohamed Adel published an image of “Al-Kalaket” with the title of the new film and indicating the start of filming of the first scene of it, noting that it is the fifth film he directs and that it was written by Medhat Adel. and produced by Gamal Adel.

Director Adl commented on the footage: “In the name of God, the most merciful, the most merciful, the first day of filming for the movie “A Zero”, written by Medhat El-Adl and produced by Jamal El-Adl, Mohamed Ramadan, Nelly Karim and many stars, my film No. 5, Karim, Lord”.

Mohamed Ramadan returns to the world of cinema after an absence of years with the film “Al-Zero”, where he announced it through a video he shared on his official page on “Instagram”, documenting his moment of rest after the first day of filming his new job, and commented, “When I saw the bed after the first day of filming for the movie ‘A’ Al-Zero, written by Medhat El-Adl, directed by Mohamed El-Adl and produced by Jamal El-Adl.

Ramadan previously talked about the new movie “Al-Zero,” saying, “The movie is a drama and action and deals with an important social issue, and in addition to the love story, there is a beautiful relationship between father and son, in addition to the presence of songs at work.”