The ambulance, “Laha Lafran”… A husband tells how the absence of an ambulance caused the death of his wife and her fetus during childbirth – today 24

A pregnant woman was killed along with her fetus on the way to the hospital in the outskirts of Azilal province, due to the absence of an ambulance, which caused her health complications due to the state of childbirth.

Mustafa, 45, the victim’s husband, tells in a video circulating on social networks that he lived through a hellish night. When his wife went into labor on the night of Monday, July 18, 2022, the call to an ambulance driver linked the Ait Mazigh group with the Azilal region, but he said, according to him, “Labilans clip to her by Al – Fran Mundi Mandir Lake.”

Mustafa added that with the absence of the ambulance, his wife had to walk a distance of 3 kilometers, which increased her fatigue, before reaching the health center in a citizen car and Ouizgat, Azilal province.

The same source added that the delay of the ambulance and the unevenness of the roads increased the difficulties in transferring her to the hospital, and upon arrival, the efforts of the medical services to save her failed.

Mostafa’s story has been the subject of widespread sympathy from human rights activists and social media sites, where an investigation has been called for.