The authorities of Tiznit decide to reduce the period of “Agdal” to reap the fruits of the pillars – today 24

The local authority of the province of Tiznit announced the reduction of the akdal period, or what is known as the period of prevention of grazing and exploitation of argan trees in the region, to ensure the ripening of the fruits during this period before of its collection. by the citizens.

The Ministry of Rural Environment in Employment issued its global resolution on the reduction of the period of the Agdal season, due to the considerations disclosed in the resolution, of which “Hoy 24” obtained a copy. This is mainly related to considerations of the productive circumstance of the argan tree, and due to the maturation of its fruits before the end of the agadal process period, which was scheduled to end at the end of this month, as the end of said period. It was approved on August 15.

The Amazigh tribes have relied since time immemorial in Souss, on customs and consensus among tribal leaders, to restrict the exploitation of the argan forests weeks before the harvest season, in order to ensure that the harvest is not spoiled. destroy and ensure the preservation of this ecological heritage threatened with extinction by overgrazing, urbanization and soil erosion, among other reasons that have caused the worrying decline of the argan forests in recent years.